DJ, Host, Parties, Events and Life!

Happy Monday folks!! The last 12 months have probably been the most challenging times in relation to my business however I took some time last week to reflect on my journey and I realised that I have built something that I’m very proud of and could never give up. Over the last few months, I […]

The Christmas like never before….

Well, another lockdown means only one thing; another blog. So after such an eventful year for not only our industry but the rest of the world too, life is still so up in the air for all of us at the moment. No one could have predicted the impact this virus would have and the […]

Life in lockdown

Well, it’s felt like the longest 3 months in the world since I last wrote my last blog back in March after what can safely be described as one of the most terrifying but surreal experiences that I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.  The first month of lockdown was amazing, being at home with […]

COVID-19 in the events world….

As a small business, we are committed to providing you with the best service possible and are currently monitoring and following all guidance and advise issued by HM Government and Public Health England. With regards to the current COVID-19 situation in the UK, we have already taken a number of precautionary measures including cleaning all […]

Back to business…….

Everyone in the industry said that 2020 would be a big year and that’s exactly what it has been so far! My social media inbox, emails and phone haven’t stopped flashing since New Years Day and I couldn’t be happier with the recommendations, enquiries and bookings I’m getting on a daily basis. I am blessed […]